Canada’s aging population

Recently released data from Statistics Canada allows us to explore demographic trends in the age make-up of the Canadian population. The trend is clear: Canada is getting old. In this chart-blog, we will take a look at population by age group – both across regions and over time – and how median age has evolved.

New Statscan data on victims of violent crime in Canada

Statistics Canada recently released new data on victims of violent crime across Canada from 2009 to 2017. In this post, I explore trends in this data by region, age and gender.

Social assistance and unemployment duration in Alberta

In this post, I consider the relationship between Social Assistance Caseloads and Unemployment Duration in Alberta. Let’s start by calling the necessary libraries library(tidyverse) library(zoo) library(cansim) #Big thanks to Jens von Bergmann and Dmitry Shkolnik for this package!